Take a journey with us and explore the flavours of Ecuador. Let Chef Jorge Pacheco create a special meal for you whether it is a date, a birthday party or just a Tuesday. Book your table today. For parties of 8 or more, please call us or send an email with more details of your reservation.

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A Taste Of Ecuador

Our menu is inspired by Chef Jorge Pacheco's Ecuadorian heritage with adaptations developed by his culinary training in kitchens around Europe.

Ceviche Ecuatoriano

A ceviche with the flavours of Ecuador

Inspired by Ecuador itself, we created this special ceviche with fresh sea bass, tamarillo, onion, lime and chillies. The onion, lime and chillies create an intense marinade called tiger’s milk. This is the cure-all for Ecuadorians. We drink this as an energiser after a night out or when we need a pick me up. Try this invigorating dish on your next visit.


A taste of fresh seafood with an earthy Amazonian flare

This hearty fish stew is regarded as one of the national dishes of Ecuador. It is made with tuna, cassava ‘yuca’ and pickled onion. It is a classic dish found along Ecuador’s gorgeous coastal region. With the Amazonian root, cassava, this dish incorporates the coast and the Amazonian interior of Ecuador. Encebollado is one of our favourite ways to get a taste of back home. Try it on your next visit.


Steamed sea bass wrapped in banana leaf

This dish is enigmatic of the Amazonian region of Ecuador. Fresh fish wrapped in banana leaves and steamed in its own juices. This seals in the flavour and leaves the fish flaky and tender. The traditional accompaniment is with chunks of cassava or yuca root. Try this Amazonian delicacy on your next visit.


Slow roasted Ecuadorian pork belly

With 12 hours slow roasting in-house, hornado is a succulent pork roast popular in the highlands of Ecuador. Our hornado is marinated in an aji panca sauce and served with giant white corn, ripe plantain, potato patties, pickled tomato and onion. The whole dish is finished off with a crispy house made chicharrón or pork scratching. Try it on your next visit.

Pudín de Quinoa

Our own creamy quinoa pudding creation

The personal creation of Chef Jorge Pacheco, this sweet pudding made from Andean quinoa, coconut cream, caramelised sugar is served alongside a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is a favourite with every customer that wants something special to satisfy their sweet tooth.


Fried plantain patties with course sea salt

These mashed plantains are fried and lightly salted with course sea salt. They are the perfect accompaniment to almost any Ecuadorian dish. Almost everyone that comes in for dinner always gets a plate of these to dip in the juices of their meals. The perfect addition to every Ecuadorian dish on your next visit.


Ceviche Ecuatoriano
£ 9.90

Cured sea bass, tamarillo, onion, lime, chillies

Ceviche Clasico
£ 9.90

Cured sea bass, onion, lime, rocoto chilli, sweet potato

Prawn Ceviche
£ 10.50

Cooked prawns, tamarillo, onion, lime, chillies

Hot Prawn Ceviche
£ 10.50

Cooked prawns, purple potatoes, giant white corn, quinoa

Mushroom Ceviche (vg)
£ 8.90

King oyster mushrooms, panca chilli, truffle oil

Quinoa Salad
£ 8.50

Quinoa, apple, tomato, pomegranate, muscatel vinegar, coriander

Chicken Wings
£ 6.30

Marinated and grilled with yellow chilli

Mote Pillo (v) / Sucio
£ 7.50

Giant white corn sautéed with eggs / pork

Sea Bass Tiradito
£ 8.00

Sliced sea bass, choice of Tiger’s Milk: rocoto chilli, yellow chilli, tamarillo

Ripe Plantain with Homemade Cheese
£ 6.90

Topped with onions, tomato and lime dressing

Tuna Tiradito
£ 8.50

Sliced tuna, choice of Tiger's Milk: rocoto chilli, yellow chilli, tamarillo

Broad Bean Salad
£ 8.00

Broad beans, homemade cheese, yellow chilli dressing, pomegranate


Pearl Barley Risotto with Lamb
£ 14.30

Pearl barley, spinach puree, parmesan cheese, braised leg of lamb (120g) slow-cooked in 'chicha de jora' (fermented purple corn)

Lamb Rump with Mushrooms
£ 17.50

Lamb rump (280g), mushrooms with panca chilli

Grilled Chicken
£ 13.00

Baby chicken marinated with yellow chilli, baked sweet potato, chimichurri sauce

Fish Stew with Coconut
£ 13.50

Steamed sea bass, rice, broccoli, coconut cream and broad beans

Pearl Barley Risotto (v)
£ 12.00

Pearl barley risotto, spinach puree, parmesan cheese (optional), pickled onion, tomato

Ecuadorian Roast 'Hornado'
£ 18.00

Slow-cooked pork (12hrs), giant white corn, ripe plantain, potato patties, pickled tomato and onions

Pork Belly 'Panza de Cerdo'
£ 13.50

Pork belly, sweet potato, giant white corn, pickled onion and tomato

Parrilla Plebeya
£ 26.00

Mixed meat platter (Please ask the waiter for the Cut of the Day)

Fish Soup 'Encebollado'
£ 13.50

Tuna, cassava ‘yuca’, pickled onion

£ 26.00

Whole sea bass steamed in a banana leaf with cassava and pak choi. Ideal for 2


Patacones (fried green plantain) (vg)
£ 4.50
Llapingachos (potato patties) (v)
£ 4.50
Lentil Stew with Pork
£ 5.50
Lentil Stew with Cheese
£ 5.00
Steamed Brocoli
£ 4.00
Steamed Rice
£ 3.00
Mushrooms with Panca
£ 4.00


Quinoa Pudding
£ 6.90

Quinoa pudding with coconut cream, caramelised sugar served with ice cream

Chocolate Fondant with Chilies
£ 6.90

Ecuadorian dark chocolate (80% cocoa) fondant, chilli candies

Colada Morada
£ 6.00

Traditional drink made from purple corn, spices and fresh fruit

£ 6.00

Homily corn, golden raisins

Pumpkin with Queso
£ 6.00

Caramelised pumpkin, homemade cheese


‘Ceviche de Camarones’ Prawn ceviche with ‘chifles’
£ 10.50

Cooked prawns, tamarillo, lime and chillies PLUS banana chips

Mushroom ceviche with ‘chifles’
£ 8.50

Fresh sea bass with lime juice, rocoto chilli, and sweet potato with banana chips

Octopus salad
£ 9.00

With baby potatoes and chickpeas

‘Pollo al jugo’
£ 9.00

Chicken stew served with steamed rice

£ 10.50

With pulled pork

‘Patacones’ / Fried green plantain
£ 4.00
‘Yuca frita’ / Fried cassava
£ 4.00
‘Ceviche Clasico’ with ‘chifles’
£ 9.90

Fresh sea bass with lime juice, rocoto chilli, and sweet potato with banana chips

Quinoa salad
£ 8.00

Apple & tomato, pomegranate, Muscatel vinegar & coriander

Ripe Plantains with homemade cheese
£ 6.50

Fried plantains topped with freshly made cheese

£ 6.00

Corn patties stuffed with pork, steamed on a banana leave

£ 6.50

With lentil stew ‘menestra’

Steamed rice
£ 4.00
Flat Mushroom on a panca chilli
£ 4.00



Prosecco frizzante DOC, Cantina Bernardi, Veneto, Italy

Bottle £29.00

Prosecco frizzante DOC, Cantina Bernardi, Veneto, Italy

Bottle £29.00


Aromar, Macabeo, Spain 2015

175ml £6.00 / Carafe 500ml £14.00 / Bottle £22.00

El Picador, Sauv Blanc, Chile, 2016

175ml £7.00 / Carafe 500ml £15.00 / Bottle £24.00

Tapiz Chardonnay, Mendoza, Arg 2017

175ml £7.50 / Carafe 500ml £18.00 / Bottle £ 26.00

Los Hermanos, Torrontes, Salta, Arg 2014

175ml £8.50 / Carafe 500ml £19.00 / Bottle £27.00


El Guardado , Chic, Malbec Rose, San Juan, Arg 2015

Bottle £22.00


Aromar, Tempranillo Garnacha, Spain, 2017

175ml £6.00 / Carafe £14.00 / Bottle £22.00

Vallemayor Rioja, Fuenmayor, Spain 2016

175ml £7.50 / Carafe £18.00 / Bottle £26.00

P15 Malbec, Patagonia, Arg 2018

175ml £8.50 / Carafe £19.00 / Bottle £28.00

Los Hermanos, Cabernet Sauvignon, Salta, Arg 2014

Bottle £30.00

Martin Berdugo, Tempranillo, Spain, 2015

Bottle £32.00

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